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Spring Clean Your Skincare

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Self-care, Skincare, Spring

We’re loving the fresh smell of flowers and brighter mornings this new season. Why not spring clean your skincare shelf! Change up your skincare routine and discover what works for you, you can easily slightly adjust your products to suit the new season with a few tips.

1. Exfoliate Skin

As winter can dry your skin from moisture, it’s important to exfoliate dead skin cells in preparation for the new season ahead. This step will rejuvenate your skin back to life and absorb skincare products more effectively. Use a facial exfoliator that’s gentle on the skin, which can be used daily if needed. Try to ensure Vitamin C is listed as one of the ingredients of the product, as it can help boost skin complexion and revive new skin cells. Use small, circular motions when using a facial exfoliator, be gentle on your skin – once or twice a week is ideal.

2. Brighten up

Now that the weather is brighter and the sun’s out, you can switch up to minimal coverage for that dewy glow in the sun. Also, using a lighter cleanser such as Micellar cleansing water, which can help to cleanse and hydrate your skin and let your skin breath!

3. Goodbye Winter skin

Say goodbye to winter skin, as the weather gets warmer it’s easy to forget to show some love to the rest of your body. A top tip to get rid of dry winter skin for the body is to use an exfoliating mitt in the shower, why not try a good coffee body scrub? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it; follow this up with a body Soufflé for an airy protective layer.

4. Moisturise more with SPF

During the winter it’s easy to forget about your skin and using that much-needed SPF! now it’s time to hydrate that skin using a moisturiser that contains sun protection. In the ingredient list, SPF would be listed as the ingredient Zinc Oxide, if not stated clearly on the packaging. We recommend using LYF’s Rejuvenating facial moisturiser, which contains SPF 25 that blocks 96% of UVB rays that can come in contact with your skin. Therefore, SPF 25 is ideal for everyday use to keep your skin safe outside.

“We’re all golden sunflowers inside”

5. DIY Watermelon juice skincare treat

  1. Take a small bowl and add half a cup of watermelon juice to it.
  2. Add one tablespoon of yogurt and mix both the ingredients well.
  3. Apply the face mask on your face and neck, and let it stay for 20 minutes.
  4. Wash it off with cold water and pat dry with a face towel.

Ready, set, glow!